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Septic System Installation & Maintenance

Septic Systems Installation & Upgrades

Altura Plumbing & Heating specializes iseptic installation, repair and maintenance. We work in residential, commercial and agricultural environments with a broad aptitude for each, bringing quality workmanship and extensive experience to every job.

In 2011 Winona county implemented new septic system regulations that require all systems to be compliant at the time of sale. To determine if your system is compliant, we will inspect your existing system, and too see if it can pass. If it fails, we will work with you on the options to make it compliant.

What is a septic system?

In areas that lack a connection to mainline sewage pipes, the septic system forms a local, small-scale sewage treatment facility. Consisting of a concrete or plastic tank with a wastewater inlet and an outlet that leads to a drainfield, this mechanism allows for separation, settlement and anaerobic digestion of materials prior to discharging relatively clear liquid into the leachfield.

Septic systems require periodic maintenance, including the removal of excess waste that has not fully decomposed. Certain practices may contribute to septic problems, including flushing non-biodegradable products down the toilet, excessive disposal of cooking oils, grease or food waste, and the use of certain chemicals what could compromise the desired bacterial metabolism within the system.